Alexander James Raymond

Alexander James Raymond

Project Manager

About Me

Involved in the Catonsville, Maryland, neighborhood, Alexander James Raymond is a local fixture. He is highly regarded in the financial sector for his strategic financial planning, investment analysis, and project management expertise. He entered the financial industry intending to gain experience and knowledge while working with a winning group of professionals. He has had consistent success across many fields and endeavors thanks to his ability to pivot between them quickly.

Raymond's first job after graduating from college was at Morgan Stanley. He stayed with the company for over a decade, during which time he learned everything he could about business management and finance. In addition, he realized that the best way to succeed was to surround himself with like-minded experts by learning to work in tandem with others.

While at Morgan Stanley, Alexander Raymond focused on expanding his network, providing individualized services, and learning how to manage projects more effectively. During his decade in the industry, he amassed several credentials, including:

Numerous PMP, Advanced Certified Scrum Masters, including Series 7 and 66.

Alexander James Raymond could market his project management skills in multiple fields thanks to completing these certifications. Consequently, he broadened his horizons and pursued numerous new opportunities.

Following his departure from Morgan Stanley, he began exploring other project management avenues. His focus shifted from finance to information technology, but money still played a role in everything he did. He quickly realized his potential in this regard. He had grown his business to an annual revenue of about $330,000 before he left Morgan Stanley and helped his partners increase their income by more than 30%.

A little over two years after launching his own IT project management company, he's already demonstrating impressive financial growth.

It was a simple process to shift from working in finance to managing IT projects. During his ten years at Morgan Stanley, James Raymond picked up a wealth of knowledge that would prove invaluable in his new position. As a result, he was able to try out new things and ultimately land two huge contracts. They had two contracts, one with Navy Federal and one with Driscoll's. Raymond has received consulting offers from CVS, Ameriprise, and Key Bank in project management. Because of his extensive background working in IT, he now holds the dual roles of project manager and Scrum Master.

Alexander James Raymond, who built his career as a financial advisor on the principles of project management, was able to keep his mind open and acquire the skills and knowledge he needed to succeed. With each passing year, he has been able to further his education and career development by working in various industry sectors. Because of this, he has become extremely handy at juggling multiple activities and projects. Now that he can combine his two areas of expertise, he can work more quickly and effectively in both whiles also constructing more robust and cohesive networks.

Raymond has established himself as a leader in several fields thanks to his years of hard work and dedication, including information technology security and management. His management skills have led agile teams to their full potential. He has helped facilitate organizational shifts on multiple occasions by uniting disparate groups to solve problems and work toward a common goal. The fact that he could earn as much as he had before in just two years shows his ability to maximize his abilities.

Despite his growing prominence, Raymond never forgot his humble beginnings. He's always been a sports fanatic, especially for golf, football, and basketball, both at the collegiate and professional levels. His business acumen has enabled him to support the local community in several important ways.

For the past ten years, Alexander James Raymond has given between $500 and $1,000 annually to his alma mater, Mt. St. Joe, and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Giving to these groups has become an annual tradition for him over the past decade, and he has no plans to stop. Raymond volunteered at the Children's Inn of the National Institutes of Health and a local food bank.

Local establishments are still memorable to James Raymond. He helps many entrepreneurs for free, advising them on how to approach their businesses best. The community can take advantage of his free financial planning seminars, which are open to adults and children.

These actions allow him to give back to his neighborhood. He wants to help others succeed on their terms, just as he did by sharing the lessons he learned along the way. No matter what he does, he feels accomplished because he helps others.